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We are a one stop shop that you can do what you are paid to do - drive. We offer various services aimed at making your life easier. Our services include rate negotiation, collection  assistance,  invoicing/paperwork, trip planning, credit checks, and 24/7 support

Your Partners in Dispatching

We'll negoatiate rates on your behalf and make sure you get paid in full

Rate Negotiation & Collection Assistance

Invoicing & Paperwork

We can do all the paperwork and invoicing so you can focus on driving

Trip Planning 

Our team can plan your trip to maximize efficiency 

24/7 Support & Service

We're available around the clock to support you 

We're your partners in dispatching

At Bliss Logistics Trucking and Transportation we live up to our name by providing top of the line service and assistance that you can depend on. Our clients are our partners as your success is our success.

Bliss Logistics Dispatching is here to make the lives of independent owner operations and fleet owners easier. We are a one stop shop so that you can do what you are paid to do - drive.

We have loads for an array of equipment types such as Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, and more!

Our professional and knowledgeable dispatchers work diligently to locate top paying freight across the U.S 

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